ATESL Adult ESL Curriculum Framework E-Learning.

Chambers, E., Grida, S., Ilott, W., Messaros, C., & Dawson, K. (2011). ATESL Adult ESL Curriculum Framework E-Learning. Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language.

The ATESL ESL Curriculum Framework, Section 8, focuses on E-learning. This section offers a comprehensive review of the essential elements for the successful integration of technology in ESL instruction. It includes an examination of the benefits of E-Learning and a discussion of the guiding principles for the design of effective learning activities and assessment strategies. The review also includes an overview of the importance of supporting the development of digital literacy for students to enable them to participate productively in E-Learning. Finally the review describes the role of instructor “e-practices” in relation to the successful integration of E-Learning and highlights the critical importance of professional development for instructors to enable them to take advantage of the full potential of E-Learning.

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