Second language writing online: An update

Godwin-Jones, R. (2018). Second language writing online: An update. Language Learning & Technology, 22(1), 1–15.

This timely article on second language writing reflects the increasing interest in L2 writing in the digital age.  Digital technology offers new tools and opportunities for language learners to build their writing skills through authentic writing activities in social media, computer-mediated communications, such as texting, and in online communication with peers as well as collaborative writing using tools such as Google Docs. The author provides a comprehensive review of recent research in this area and an accessible introduction to digital tools for evaluating writing such as digital annotators and automated writing evaluation (AWE) software. The author  contends that  given the proliferation of digital tools and new writing environments for language learners  there is a need for enhanced teacher training to enable the effective use of these tools.

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