Agora World: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology in Language Teaching and Learning

Cowin, J. (2023) Agora World: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology in Language Teaching and Learning. NYS TESOL Journal 10 (1), 51-58.

This article provides an intriguing “glimpse” into the future of language learning and the potential of virtual reality (VR) and multimedia technologies to transform language education. Through a materials review of Agora World  a code-free, drag and drop platform which allows users to fairly easily build immersive experiences, the author explores its potential to enable language instructors to create virtual worlds and immersive experiences in which learners can engage in meaningful tasks and activities to support and enhance their language learning. “Agora World holds the promise of content-based, project-based, or task-based language learning, making it possible for language teachers to construct original virtual worlds, gallery walks, and learning pathways for L2 learners to master language production.”.

These tasks and activities could include gallery walks in which learners can practice conversations, quests in which learners can carry out assigned tasks , including solving a problem together, and experiment with new vocabulary.  In each case instructors can  review and monitor progress and participation. Learners can also create stories and media boards to show language concepts learned, and these can be included in portfolios for assessment.

The author notes that while VR and immersive technologies hold much promise for language learning, the role of the instructor will be crucial in  designing and creating and curating appropriate and meaningful immersive content to support language learners.

Agora World provides a free version with most of the functionality of a subscription version which enables users to explore and evaluate the potential for teaching and learning.

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