Taking Teaching beyond the Classroom

Davila, S., Taking Teaching beyond the Classroom, “Language Teaching” (blog), 21 May, 2021.

This short article provides a very useful description of immersive Virtual Reality (VR)) in the language classroom. Virtual reality (VR) is a new technological frontier for many language instructors, however it is one that holds promise for enhancing and extending language learning. There are early indications, in recent research, that VR can be an engaging and helpful tool for language learners, particularly in building confidence and in supporting retention and motivation.

The article offers an accessible overview of VR devices and possible applications in the language classroom, as well as introductory guidance on how to plan for the use of VR; choosing appropriate applications for the language classroom; managing the VR classroom, and the following set of questions for language instructors to consider as they begin to explore VR.

  • What does this application do that I cannot currently do with my online classroom?
  • How does this application improve or enhance the teaching and learning experience?
  • What changes and adjustments will I need to make to my lesson to ensure it is a productive learning experience?
  • How will the application provide new and exciting extensions of my current learning experiences?

Following this review of VR, the author concludes,

Using VR provides numerous opportunities for language educators to support all the needs of language learners. From initial introduction to concepts to creative fluent production with peers, the VR classroom is perfect for language learning.”

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