Innovative language pedagogy report

Beaven, T. & Rosell-Aguilar, F. (eds.) Innovative language pedagogy report. Open University. 2021 2021.doi:org/10.14705/rpnet.2021.50.9782490057863.

The wide range of topics in this ninth edition of the annual report were chosen after surveying language teaching practitioners. The results focus on language teaching, learning and assessment. The editors narrowed down a list of both established and emerging pedagogies, approaches and tools. The resulting topics are presented with an example of each in practice, its potential impact, benefits and issues, time frames for implementation and keywords. Each topic also includes a list of references and resources.

Here are a few topics from the report:

Technology-facilitated oral homework leveraging technology to get students speaking outside the classroom. p.69

Gamification motivating language learning with gameful elements. p.109

Augmented reality learning education in real-world contexts. p.115

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